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Mignonette , 35

South West London

A little bit about me

I was waiting for virtue when vice came...she tapped me on the shoulder; she nibbled my earlobe and whispered sweet nothings:'imagine a dark alley way ... up against a wall.... you are wet and you are yearning for it; would you like me to give it to you? Her voice is like sin. It intoxicates me.

As I get dressed vice grips me. I step into my panties and vice shakes her head. 'No no' you don't need them. And she kisses me: there. I shudder and moisten.

We meet and vice is nowhere to be seen. I quail. His eyes glitter and I sense her fleeting presence. His knee brushes mine and I hear her giggle... it's like glitter.

We walk and vice skips ahead. This way, she whispers. We arrive at a dark passageway. His kisses, her caresses. Our caresses. I hitch up my skirt. His fingers enter; I shudder and gush. Vice is smiling wryly. His look is one of disbelief. "Where did that come from?' I look over at vice and she winks at me. She grasps me gently by the shoulders; her tongue is fleeting. Get down on your knees, she says. I obey. He undoes his fly. Vice nods.

So vice is my mistress and she brought me here - I'm rather glad she did. You will be too.

I like to see myself as a sort of Jack Vettriano vixen pushed up against the wall of some dim insalubrious den of iniquity. I am a UK size 16 with broad hips and thick thighs for you to delve in proportion: I have a bosom of 34K at last measurement and a derriere to match. My nipples are huge and always erect - proof of my constant state of arousal.

The simple act of reading and responding to messages has me self-lubricating. I moisten in anticipation of meeting you. I look at myself and feel so aroused.

I like men who are alpha or omega. I like older and younger. I like spectacles and freckles, hirsuteness is also incredibly arousing. Voices also turn me on. If you work with your hands please use them on me. If you work with words regale me with them too.

Sex is an experience in synaesthesia: touch, taste, sound, sight and smell are all interwoven and amplified for me.

I need to be taken in hand and ravished regularly in order to satisfy my never-ending appeitite for the deviant and the salacious.

My skin is dark and smooth and silky to the touch. I love to be massaged and covered in coconut oil (it's edible). Equally, I like to be covered in your own private nectar.

I love deep french kissing... soft tender kisses turn to deep exploratory probing... your lips... my lips... your tongue... my tongue... the type of kisses which are the precursor to amazing sex.

My g-spot orgasms are earth shattering full body extravaganzas. I squirt occasionally through penetration. Once I've been made to orgasm in this way, I do not stop.

I love to have my breasts massaged and my nipples pinched. My nipples are a direct line to my g-spot. I love to be on my knees with you behind. My nipples graze against the carpet and it feels exquisite.

My ass is round and firm. I love ass-play. I like to be licked and rimmed and eaten. Lube me up, insert a finger or two... or something bigger and harder. I like to be sodomised slowly, gently, thoroughly, expertly... I like it hard too.. hard and fast and deliberate.

I can often be found with my own fingers inserted in my ass. It feels sublime.

I am British ,of African origin, born and raised in London. I am not quite RP but do speak 'proper'

My eyes are my best facial feature... they are large almond shaped cat's eyes. I don't bother with make up. I abhor fakery. I look better without it. I am not shaved but trimmed. I prefer the look and the texture.

I am articulate and intelligent and fully appreciate that the brain is the biggest sexual organ in the body. It is with this in mind that I endeavour to use my skills and talents to ensure that your time with me is the most fulfilling and sublime experience you will ever encounter.

As cliched as it may sound, I am incredibly aroused by giving pleasure. I love all aspects of sensuality and I am happy to offer a bespoke experience tailored to your precise needs.

I have been known to bring a man to hypersensitivity with my mouth. I like nothing more to be on my knees between your knees whilst you give me your 'attention'.

Did you know that male orgasms are stronger when you are standing or kneeling? Something to do with the gravity....

I consider myself to be sex positive. I'm well-read and well researched. The subject of arousal and attraction fascinates me.

I am excellent company. I am well-behaved in public but yearn to be filthy for you.

Words are like an elixir for me so I will leave you with this list. I went looking for synonyms for this wonderful vocation. Here are my favourites: courtesan, concubine, paramour, coquette, chatelaine, doxy (a personal favourite) inamorata, floozy and moll.

In short: I: curvy and black.... boobies, booty and brains... the epitome of female pulchritude (or so I like to think) seek you: discerning rather than desperate; alpha or omega; for a fulfilling hedonistic experience... a bacchic frenzy worthy of Euripides. Sex is cerebral (I need my neurones fired up as well as my loins) appelle-moi stp

Personal Details

Age 35
Height 5ft5
Measurements Size16 34K

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  • COB
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  • GFE
  • OWO
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1/2 hour £150.00
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2 hours £300.00
3 hours £400.00
Overnight £1,000.00
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