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Catherine Snow , 23


A little bit about me

Have you ever dreamed about putting a curvy naughty lady across your knee for a well deserved spanking? Well, look no further.

I'm Catherine Snow and I am experienced in light hand spankings. I am based in Ross-On-Wye to fulfil your fantasy. I have experience in using roleplay names of your choosing so please let me know if you have a preference. I'm bi-curious and am fairly open minded. I invite all genders and ages to approach me if you feel interested in what I offer.

I am unable to travel / provide accommodation that responsibility is yours.

I'm fine with myself being nude but keep in mind I'm not a full escort I don't offer sexual services I'm merely a paid armature spankee.

Before each session be it in a hotel or a home visit I always shower (I bring my own products and hair dryer.) None negotiable,

In closing:
If you like what you've read or have any questions please send me a message on my twitter. @Catheri96341313

Personal Details

Age 23
Height 5'2ft
Measurements 13 stone weight.

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In Call  Out Call
1/2 hour
1 hour £60.00
2 hours
3 hours
Dinner Date

Are you ready to fuck around the house with me?

Are you ready to fuck around the house with me?

Hi handsome. I’m Sophie I’m a hot sexy naughty lady, I like to have fun with someone that hasgreat sense of humor and I’m fun to be with.

Do I take implements such as canes and whips.
I don't, I haven't the tolerance level for them so I only take a light hand spanking.
Do I offer sex
I do not due to myself awaiting a cyst removal surgery which has been delayed from covid patients in hospitals. This cyst is not harmful to you in any way shape or form it's merely a precaution I take.
Have you had your covid jabs, what precautions do you take?
Yes I have received both my vaccinations. Precautions are as simple as wearing a mask covering.
You okay being naked? Can I be naked too.
I am fine with being naked myself but a minimum of underwear must be worn by you.
Can I masturbate and you watch, can I cum on you, Will you swallow, what about oral?
I am more than happy to watch you, You're allowed to cum on my breasts and face but I will not swallow any fluids. I won't preform oral
Do you shave
Due to circumstances I don't shave which does mean hair is in undesirable places however if you were to purchase some cheap disposal razors I'd tidy up excluding pubic hair.
Can I bring my significant other or friend to watch.
Yes you may but they would have to pay their own fee of £20.00

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