Ultimate, 26

A little bit about me

I specifically specialise in sucking big dick, 9 inches and up Is no problem for me. I only take on black clients, preferably aging from 26 to 40 years old.

My personality is flexible and versatile. I switch from being a brat, to a sub and a soft femdom. When it comes to fucking I like to be spontaneous, fun, risky and unconventional, it's all about having your fantasies fulfilled everytime you fuck me. I love dick, so everytime you fuck me, it's a meet you'll never forget, I'm trying to make sure you have me on your mind 24/7 with my nastiness I'll give you. I'm a very kinky individual, so be ready to have some kinky fun.

I am:-
97% Brat
94% Experimentalist
94% Submissive
91% Exhibitionist
89% Degradee
87% Switch
84% Rope bunny
71% Voyeur
69% Non-monogamist
62% Primal (Prey)
44% Dominant
44% Masochist
35% Vanilla

Let me guess its hard for you to cum from head or you don't nut from a bitch giving you head.
Aww well over here my shit is different, sloppy, wet, deep in the throat how the dick is suppose to be sucked slopped and licked up.
I'm not scared to swallow your dick and make it disappear in my throat, make a mess leaving it drenched and dripping in my spit. I will grab your balls and get them all sloppy snd slimey too. I will eat your dick like you have never had it ate before, because I don't suck or give head my throat is very much next level.

All my holes are addictive, once you buss a nut once you'll just want to keep bussing a nut in my holes until your balls and dick can't give me nothing.

Personal Details

Age 26

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