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Ben, 29

A little bit about me

Hi, I’m Ben, a young driven professional. Despite my fairly young age, my life experiences and career has led to me a very different character to most at my age. I’m highly skilled within my progressional field. I’m an experienced businessman, deal maker and performance coach. I love professional and personal development. I always strive for greatness within any pursuit I embark on. I have great communication skills and a wide range of knowledge and experience which enables me to have deep intellectual conversations, but I’m also very capable of soft gentle light hearted humour also. I don’t take myself too seriously although I have high standards within my professional life and my physical condition, exercising both body and mind I’m used to speaking with high net worths and investors within my professional life. I’m the kind of person you can throw into any room, with anyone, anywhere and you trust completely that I’ll know what to say, what not to say, how to read the room, the real objective of being there, so on. I feel I bring a lot of value to those who’s company I share, with my thoughtfulness, kindness, personality and charm. I have been told I have the ability to make people feel very comfortable, so if you are feeling shy or indecisive allow me make you feel comfortable. I’d like to be able to bring happiness and joy to people who want truly great experience and genuine connection, without drama or stress. Some of my other interest outside of work… I love sports. I regularly weight lift, run, boxing, mma. I used to compete at the British Final levels. I also play polo, I’ll pretty much have a go at anything and I’m often the person who just “takes to things”. I like tennis, squash, I play golf regularly. I also have a taste for the arts. I love fine dining, theatre shows, art exhibitions.

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Age 29

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